Canon media settings, soft-proofing in lightroom, and defeating paper curl

Picking the right media type on Canon machines, fixing paper curl on fine art prints, and more.

Posted by Breathing Color® on July 28, 2015

Unsure how to tell your printer which media type you’re working with? Professional printmaker Renée Besta is on the show this week to talk through Canon media type settings, setting up great side-by-side soft proofs in Lightroom, and defeating the dreaded paper curl on fine art prints.

  • Letting Photoshop control colors on Canon printers
  • Making sure your media type matches your desired output
  • Decoding Canon special media types
  • Taming paper curl – Causes, prevention
  • Tools to fix paper curl (low and high cost options)
  • The easiest way to keep colors in gamut (and the hard/inefficient way)
  • Side-by-side soft-proofing – don’t just trust your memory of color
  • Much more!